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More antenna analayzers: one DIY, one Italian

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I’ve often wondered why there aren’t more DIY antenna analyzer projects out there. Perhaps it’s because developing measurement circuits isn’t easy. An antenna analyzer has to have a signal source as well.
There is an antenna analyzer kit on the market. The VK5JST Antenna Analyser Kit costs about $110 USD. I actually have the kit, and it looks like a great unit, very professionally done, but I haven’t yet gotten around to building it.
Now, there’s an Arduino-based antenna analyzer project. Here’s a photo:
It uses an AD9850 module as the signal source. The approximate cost for all the parts is about $40, and you can experiment with the code, if you like.
While I’m talking about antenna analzyers, let me mention another one that I’ve just found out about: the IW2NDH Antenna Analyzer.  This unit has a frequency coverage of 2 – 160 MHz, and can be used as an antenna analyzer, signal generator, and a scalar network analyzer. At only $175, this seems to be a very good deal.
Apparently, this started out as an Arduino project. As Maximo, EA1DDO, pointed out on the radioartisan Yahoo Group, there is source code for this project on GitHub, and a schematic is available on the Union de Radioaficionados Espanoles (URE) website.