Wednesday, June 27, 2012

270toWin: New Features for 2012

We’re getting 270toWin ready for the 2012 election. Here are some of the new features on the site.
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  • Put the election in your hands! Our iPad app is now available in the App Store. Apple recognized it as "New & Noteworthy" after launch. The app lets you ceate and save a virtually unlimited number of maps. It offers a 7-color palette, so that states can be identified as safe, likely, leaning or toss-up. Once downloaded, the app doesn't require an Internet connection. Educational institutions buying 20 copies or more can get 50% off the retail price with the Apple Volume Purchase Program.
  • The Presidential Map has been enhanced with new functionality:
    • Share: You can now share the electoral map you create via social media or email. To do this, click the "Share Map" button (near Florida) and then the Facebook, Twitter or other button that appears BELOW the map.
    • Republican: Your electoral map may differ based on who the specific opponent is for President Obama. To select a specific Republican opponent for your map, just click the "Republican" text to the left of the electoral vote counter (bottom left of map).
    • Census: The electoral votes for many states have changed based on the outcome of the 2010 Census. If the 2012 distribution existed in 2008, President Obama's total would have decreased from 365 to 359. The map lets you toggle back and forth between the 2012 and 2008 totals.
    • Tie Scenarios: The Road to 270 has been updated to include tie scenarios based on your map.
    • Swing States View: This starting view now reflects the broad opinion of several political pundits.
  • We're now tracking 2012 election polls for each state. Follow along to see how the various prospective Republican challengers are faring against President Obama, and how that changes over time.
  • The 2012 Poll Map is live, showing the electoral distribution based exclusively on state level polling. We've also added Romney vs. Obama polls to the individual state history pages. On the states home page, we highlight any state with one or more polls in the last 7 calendar days.
  • A Republican primary delegate tracker has been added, including maps of primaries and caucuses scheduled throughout the nominating campaign, with links to polls for those races.
  • The 2012 Senate Map has been launched. Use this to project the outcome of the 33 Senate elections scheduled for 2012. Place your cursor on each state to see the current incumbents and related information.
  • State Histories have been updated to reflect results of the 2008 election and 2010 Census.
  • Thumbnail images and links to all prior presidential elections can now be viewed.
  • The Electoral College Quiz has been updated to reflect the results of the 2008 election. This election resulted in changes to the correct answers for several of the quiz questions. We're also periodically tweeting trivia questions to our followers.
270toWin combines an interactive Electoral College map for the then-current presidential election cycle with historical maps and information for all prior elections. It educates its audience on the Electoral College system, and the integral role it plays in electing the President. The site's engaging content has led to significant recognition. The site is linked to from the National Archives website and a touch-screen version of the 270toWin interactive map was a component of the Vote4Me exhibit at the McCormick Freedom Museum in Chicago during 2008.

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