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Monday, February 18, 2013

IRAN CONFIRMS KLEINONLINE EXCLUSIVE REPORT ON QUDS FORCE. Tehran admits senior commander killed in Israeli air raid

By Aaron Klein
JERUSALEM – An exclusive KleinOnline report first revealing that senior members of the Iranian Quds Force were killed in an Israeli airstrike in Syria last month has been confirmed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.
In response to a similar report on a Syrian news website yesterday, a Revolutionary Guard spokesman, Ramadan Sherif, confirmed that Iranian Gen. Hassan Shateri was killed when Israeli aircraft bombed a convoy in Syria that had been on its way to Lebanon.
Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency further confirmed Shateri had been “murdered by mercenaries and supporters of the Zionist entity (Israel) while on his way from Damascus to Beirut.”
Iran claimed Shateri was in Lebanon to help oversee reconstruction of areas that had been affected by the 2006 Israel-Lebanon War, including rebuilding public schools, hospitals and mosques.
However, informed Middle Eastern security officials speaking to KleinOnline identified Shateri as the Quds Force commander responsible for coordinating the arming of Hezbollah in Lebanon, including restocking the terrorist group with advanced missiles.
The Quds Force is a special unit of the Revolutionary Guard responsible for what the Guard calls its “extraterritorial operations.”
Shateri’s funeral reportedly was held Thursday in Tehran, with senior Iranian officials attending, including Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi and the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Mohammad Ali Jafari.
Immediately following Israel’s reported air raid in Syria and Lebanon, KleinOnline first revealed senior members of the Iranian Quds Force were killed in the attack, according to informed Mideast security officials.

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