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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March for Jesus Christ 2014


Organized by the Military Brethren

In 1843 Father Pierre-Jean De Smet wrote:
"It is now about 29 years since the Indian nation of the Flat-Head acquired a slight knowledge of Christianity through the means of four poor Iroquois Indians, who wandered to the other side of the Rocky Mountains. Anxious to obtain missionaries to instruct them, they sent, about 20 years ago, a deputation of three of their chiefs to St. Louis. All three died of sickness. As their deputies did not return, they appointed five others. These were massacred in passing through the Territory of the Sioux. In 1834, a third delegation arrived; - an Iroquois accompanied its bringing his two children along through a dangerous desert of 3000 miles, for no other purpose than to get them baptized. They only met with promises, on account of the scarcity of missionaries at that time. Not dissatisfied by this new refusal, they deputed in 1839, other messengers to communicate to the bishop of St. Louis, the desire of the nation to obtain priests. I was then deputed by the bishop and my superiors to accompany the deputies on their return..."
Progress and Prospects of the Catholic Mission to the Rocky Mountains

To bring Christianity to the Bitterroot Valley was a struggle. To keep Christianity in the Bitterroot Valley will be a struggle.

I. Mission Statement:
Christians of the Bitterroot Valley

Walk for Jesus Christ

Holy Saturday, April 19, 2014
Starting at 6:41 am (Sunrise)
Starting point Angler's Roost Bridge
Finish in Lolo, Montana
To stand and show solidarity with Christians here and around the world.

II. Concept:
40 mile route divided into 14 checkpoints. The checkpoints are separated by three miles.
We are asking valley churches to man checkpoints, and lead the march from their checkpoint to the next checkpoint.

III. Checkpoints / Time Estimate: (Name your checkpoint after a book in the Bible), Location – Sponsor Church

*Start Point / 0645: Angler’s Roost Bridge, (At Least 2 Churches Needed) – Grantsdale Community Church, &
*CP #1 / 0745: South 1st & Baker Street in Hamilton – First Christian Church

CP #2 / 0845: Donaldson’s North Precast Gate –

*CP #3 / 0945: Alpine Granite Accent –Corvallis United Methodist Church
*CP #4 / 1045: Tucker Crossing – In One Hope Ministries

*CP #5 / 1145: 5th Avenue & Highway 93 in Victor – Bitterroot Valley Church of the Nazarene

CP #6 / 1245: Spotted Farm Paints Sign –

CP #7 / 1345: Post & Pole Sign –

CP #8 / 1445: Renaissance Fair Sign –

CP #9 / 1545: Luby Lane –

CP #10 / 1645: Heacock Avenue & Highway 93in Florence –

CP #11 / 1745: South of East Carlton Creek Road –

CP #12 / 1845: Park & Ride at Rowan Road –

End Point / 1945: School Crossing at Lolo School, (At Least 2 Churches Needed) –

IV. For more information:
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V. Next planning event:
March for Jesus Christ Next Planning Meeting
7:00 pm, Tuesday, 25 March 2014
Groff Room, Farmer's State Bank, Victor, Montana

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