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Monday, August 25, 2014

New Summit Activation, 25 August 2014, W7M/GA-114 Summit #7154

Summit Activity

Total Activations: 1

  • KG7KGL on 25 Aug 2014
First Activated by:
  • KG7KGL on 25 Aug 2014

      4 QSOs on these bands:

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      This week Colton and I headed to a summit east of Stevensville, Montana called #7154. All that number means it that the mountain is 7154' ASL. We had our 4 contacts in record time (less than 15 minutes) and I don't know if that was because of my great antenna building, Colton's new braces propagating the signal and or lots of people listening to their radios today. Either way everything went really well. 
      Thanks to all my chasers!



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