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Monday, March 2, 2015

Software Defined Radio FUN!

How technology has changed. It was not too long ago that at work I used a spectrum analyzer, O Scope, recorder, sonograph, high end receiver, simple computer, converters etc coupled to a rhombic antenna.... All in the name of Signals Analysis.

Now I can do all that and more from home. I recently picked up a NooElec R820T2 & DVB-T NESDR Mini 2 dongle from Amazon like this one.

It is not exactly plug and play. After not being able to get it to work I found and the read the instructions which I linked here.

After reading and installing everything correctly it worked great. For an antenna I have it hooked to my scanner discone which covers the freq range of the dongle (24 MHZ to 1.7 GHZ). Now I have the functionality of an analyst station in the ham shack for around 20 dollars.

If you want to learn more here are a few good resources.
RTL-SDR Website
NooElec website

The dongle is slightly bigger than a USB Stick

Antenna Port

Screen Shot, I am listening to a weather broadcast

I was not sure how useful this would be and thought if it does not work like I want no big deal. I was pleasantly surprised and have had fun listening to the spectrum I do not normally monitor. I know the software is very capable and need to read about it more and play with the settings.

Here is a youtube that I found useful when researching this particular dongle.

72 Frank

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