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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Two Brother and the Ultimate Willys Jeep Collection

This collection of Willys Jeep vehicles is owned by my brother and I. We have 20 total running/restored, several still works in progress, not included in the 20. Also several Wranglers, Cherokees, and J-10 Pick Ups. My farm is in Bishopville MD 2 miles south of the Delaware line, 3 miles off the atlantic coast, (Ocean City Md.)  We got our first CJ-3A in ’59, I was 11. I took my drivers test in it in ’64. We have bought and restored these things since the late 60’s. Bought a few that were done, semi done and basket cases. I do aircraft for a living, Jeeps, classic chevys  and corvettes as a hobby. My brother sells rollbacks  and wreckers for a living. BTW the blue CJ-5, 4th from the left is a ’72. I know, a AMC. Fact is it is the first new vehicle I ever bought. Jan of ’72. Never been painted, original interior, 44,000k. Of course I took the 304 and T-15 out and put a 401 and a super T-10 in it. Young and Dumb. The ’72 is still pristine. There is a story behind each one of them so I will just share the story of my 1963 Willys Station Wagon right now…Rob Danzi's Willys Jeep Collection    Rob Danzi's Willys Jeep CollectionRob Danzi's Willys Jeep Collection   Rob Danzi's 1963 Willys Station WagonBought it in 1974 at a government auction for $475.00. Replaced the blown OHC 6 with a 327 chevy mated to the T-90. The Jeep was equipped with heavy springs,two fuel tanks and a posi 4:10 rear. It was gun metal grey. I repainted it in 1978 using ’78 chrysler colors, Metallic silver and charcoal metallic. The interior was also repainted and the upholstery replaced with black roll & pleat. Refinished the wooden planks on the floor also. As fuel prices increased I replaced the 327 with a 9-1 comp. 355 Chevy that I put together with a Sig Erson RV cam ,etc. Replaced the T-90 with a Muncie 4 speed, Hurst shifter and a warn overdrive. All the windows, window seals, sheet metal, floorboards are original. It had a small amount of rust damage on the lower rocker below the doors on both sides which I corrected in ’78. I used to drive it to work daily prior to repainting in 1978. It know lives in my  garage with my other Jeeps. It has just turned over 80,000 miles. This Willys is a true survivor. I live on the eastern shore in lower Delaware. This October, Ocean City Maryland had their first “Jeep Week”, I took the old wagon there to my surprise it won Best in Show. Not bad for something that was repainted 32 years ago. When I take the Station Wagon out it turns alot of heads. Some ask “what is that thing”. As it is pictured it runs down the road at 55-60 mph, turning around 2100 rpm. A joy to drive even with the original steering. I’d like to add that my first Jeep was a 1949 CJ-3A that my dad bought used in 1959. I was 11 at the time and learned to drive in that Jeep. Took my drivers test in ’64 in that thing, like a dummy I sold it in 1972 when I bought my first new vehicle which was a ’72 CJ-5. Still have the ’72, 42,000 miles original “Jetset Blue ” paint and interior. Replaced the 304 & T-15 with a 401 & super T-10.Rob Danzi's Willys Jeep CollectionRob Danzi's Willys Jeep CollectionRob Danzi's 1958 Willys CJ-3BRob Danzi's Willys Jeep CollectionRob Danzi's Willys Jeep Collection
Kaiser Willys Jeep Blog Story – Rob Danzi
If you would like to share your Willys Jeep Story please send us a line. We ‘d love to meet your Jeep.

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