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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

SUCCESS!!! Summit W7M/GA-036 is activated!

Well today I activated SOTA Summit W7M/GA-036. Rita Mason and I left the Excursion at an altitude of 7360' and climbed to summit which is at an elevation of 8,495'. I made our station time of 1830 UTC. 

I made 5 contacts on 146.520 (2 mobiles in Missoula, MT - 45 miles, 1 base in Anaconda, MT - 37 miles and 1 base in Hamilton - 25 miles). My little BaoFeng UV-82L did pretty well hooked up to a home made vertical dipole antenna. 

Rita was the expedition's official photographer. She took these action photos as I worked my contacts. The terrain is pretty rugged to the south and east of this summit. 

This was my first activation of 2015, but we are going to try to do one every week weather permitting. It was a great activation, so until next time, 
Doug Mason

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  1. Thanks for the blog Doug!!! Pics are awesome. This one is on my list now!