Saturday, March 24, 2018

Decluttering Project – Infographic

Making a house a home is about putting your own stamp on it and sometimes accumulating an inordinate amount of belongings becomes a part of that.
Inevitably then that will lead to clutter. No matter how hard we might try, at some stage, at least one part of our home will be cluttered. The main thing is that we have a plan about how to deal with this even if it is only every once in a while. Many people like to go with the seasons so when we see the brighter evenings of Spring approaching, it’s a common time for people to kick-start a plan to declutter.
We have seen so many interior themes and ways of thinking such as Feng Shui and we all want our home to look the best and be comfortable for all its occupants but with such busy lives it can be difficult to stay on top of organization within the home.
We’re all likely culprits when it comes to hiding stuff away in cupboards with a feeble mental note to return to it at some stage. More often than not, that cupboard becomes a dumping ground for anything that we cannot immediately label but that we need to hurriedly bury in order to keep the outward location looking neat and tidy. Decluttering projects should be broken into sections. If you try to tackle everything at once, you will become overwhelmed. For example, sorting through a wardrobe of clothes might look like a task that won’t take up too much time but this is something that can require hours and once you get started, you might find you’ve made even more of a mess than before you started!
The guys at EZ Living Interiors have put together this infographic below which details the benefits of carrying out a home declutter project; it highlights a number of ways that you can tackle the issue so that you can choose one that suits you best plus lots more. Check it out below and get started on creating a freer space for you in your home!

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