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Sunday, July 13, 2014

1 July, 2014 Activations

My first summit was W7M/RC-094 which is Hilltop 8186 in the Sapphire Mountain Range. What made this first contact so special is that it was a summit to summit with KF7PXT. So I became a Activator and a Chaser all in one contact.
Pretty Cool.
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After I made my four contacts, it was a simple "down and up" that kicked my butt and my dog's butt. We finally made it to Skalkaho Mountain about mid afternoon. I didn't put up the antenna, I just used the stock hand held antenna to make my contacts. After I made five contacts I headed for home.
I was tired but I had a great time and I am hooked. The dog on the other hand just wanted to cool off in the snow.
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SOTA is a lot of fun.


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