Sunday, January 6, 2013

History of the International Workingmen's Association

“It is not ... a mere improvement that is contemplated, but nothing less than a regeneration, and that not of one nation only, but of mankind. This is certainly the most extensive aim ever contemplated by any institution, with the exception, perhaps, of the Christian Church. To be brief, this is the programme of the International Workingmen’s Association.”


The First International, from M.I.A. Encyclopedia
The International Working Men's Association, Its Establishment, Organisation, Political and Social Activity and Growth, by W. Eichhoff (1868)
The International: A Sketch written to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the Foundation of the International Working Men’s Association, by G. Jaeck (1905)
History of the First International, by G. M. Stekloff (1928)
Marx-Engels Writings, for the First International (1864-1873)
Documents of the First International (1864-1873)
The Hague Congress of The International, 2-7 September 1872
Marx-Engels Letters on the First International and Working Class Organisation
Archives of members of the First International
Marx and Engels
Mikhail Bakunin (1817-1876)

Wilhelm Liebknecht (1826-1900)
Friedrich Adolph Sorge (1826-1906)
Joseph Dietzgen (1828-1888)

August Bebel (1840-1913)
Paul Lafargue (1841-1911)
Jenny Marx Longuet (1844-1883)
Jules Guesde (1845-1922)

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