Sunday, February 3, 2019

New Callsign

As most of you know I am a amateur radio operator.

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One of the amateur radio activities I enjoy is an awards program called "Summits On The Air" or SOTA for short.

My old amateur radio was KG7KGL. The FCC gave me that callsign after I passed my technician test to become a amateur radio operator.

After passing my general test, I decided I wanted a different callsign. I want a callsign that both identifies where I live and my SOTA activities.

I live in the SOTA association W7M
which means Montana.

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Within the W7M association, I live in the RC region
which means Ravalli county.

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So I applied for the callsign W7MRC.

Today I found out that W7MRC is my new callsign.

I think that is pretty cool. If you are rolling your eyes like my wife did, that is ok. It is still pretty cool.

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