Monday, July 16, 2012

Intelligence Reports Say Syria May Be Mobilizing Chemical Weapons

by AWR Hawkins13 Jul 2012

The latest intelligence indicates that Syria has begun to shift the locations in which it's storing chemical weapons. Some have been moved out of their storage areas to undisclosed locations while others have allegedly been moved from one place to another in the hopes of reminding Mr. Assad's enemies that he has the weapons and is willing to use them.

The problem with the second scenario is that if Mr. Assad's enemies call his bluff, and the Sunnis join with them, the weapons may actually be used on the Rebels and their supporters.
It's believed that one of the weapons being moved from place to place is sarin gas, a deadly nerve agent.
The situation is dire enough that the Obama administration is holding secret briefings concerning the intelligence and reviewing their possible next steps. George W. Bush's greatest critics are now getting a taste of the kind of pressure he felt when he had to rely on intelligence reports to decide whether to go after Saddam Hussein.
If the chemical threat is real, this could be a game changer.

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