Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Three short films from Mercury One and Restoring Love

One of the main themes of Restoring Love was the need for conservative Americans to occupy the creative space by going out and creating something new. Glenn didn’t call for people to tear down what had already been created, or to throw their hands up in the air and declare a boycott of popular culture. Instead, he wanted them to engage in creative destruction – create something better so what already exists in the culture will be obsolete. Always one to lead by example, Glenn unveiled three films made by people in his own company specifically for the Restoring Love event – and he wanted all three of them to be made available for free to everyone!
First, you can watch the opening prayer for the Restoring Love event:
Next, you can see a film about John Winthrop and his journey to America:
Finally, the opening video for the Restoring Love event:


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