Thursday, July 12, 2012

Muslim Clerics Call for Demolition of Great Pyramids

by AWR Hawkins

12 Jul 2012, 4:38 AM PDT

The news cycle is currently rife with stories about Islamist attacks on workers in the Philippines, Islamist denigration of Jews, and an Islamist's plan to attack the London Olympic Games with a car filled with explosives. Now, it's time to add the call to destroy Egypt's Great Pyramids to the list.

"Prominent Muslim clerics" are calling for the "symbols of paganism" to be demolished.
It seems the election of Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi to the office of Egypt's presidency was all it took to open the door to calls for doing away with everything that does not comport with Islamist doctrine, while simultaneously legalizing (constructing) everything that does. That translates into doing to the pyramids what is currently being done to the tombs in Timbuktu, while legalizing sex-slave marriage and morality police in Egypt.
Is there anyone out there who still inexplicably believes there could be a peaceful co-existence between Islamists and the West?
We are just like the pyramids to them: things to be knocked down.

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