Saturday, January 19, 2019

From Historynet: Today in History January 19

1523          In Switzerland, Ulrich Zwingli Image result for ulrich zwingli publishes his 67 Articles, the first manifesto of the Zurich Reformation which attacks the authority of the Pope.

1783          William Pitt the Younger Image result for William Pitt the Younger becomes the youngest Prime Minister of England at age 24.

1847          New Mexico Governor Charles Bent Image result for Governor Charles Bent is slain by Pueblo Indians in Taos.

1861          Georgia secedes from the Union.

1902          The magazine “L’Auto” announces the new Tour de France.

1915          The first German air raids on Great Britain inflict minor casualties.

1923          The French announce the invention of a new gun that has a firing range of 56 miles.

1931          The Wickersham Committee issues a report asking for revisions in the dry law, but no repeal.

1937          Howard Hughes Image result for Howard Hughes flies from Los Angeles to New York in seven hours and 22 minutes.

1937          In the Soviet Union, the Council of People’s Commissars is formed under Molotov.

1945          The Red Army captures Lodz, Krakow, and Tarnow.

1947          The French open a drive on Hue, Indochina.

1949          The Chiang Government moves the capital of China to Canton.

1950          Communist Chinese leader Mao Image result for Mao recognizes the Republic of Vietnam.

1968          Cambodia charges that the United States and South Vietnam have crossed the border and killed three Cambodians.

1981          The United States and Iran sign an accord on a hostage release in Algiers.

1983          The New Catholic code expands women’s rights in the Church.

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