Thursday, January 10, 2019

Fence beverage drawback from

It has been raining a lot today and immidiatly I noticed a drawback of a non isolated fence beverage. Since the water is terminating the wire to the ground it doesn't work anymore. I have to wait till dry weather. That can take a few days according to the weather forecast. But anyway it was a nice experiment and from the comments I read that others find it interesting as well. OK1RP Petr asked for a drawing and info. Well all the info is on this blog in the previous posts. Here is a drawing of the setup:
I measured the fence with the help of google maps. One side is 450m long but I don't know if it is interupted bij a gate at the other side. My neighbour did cut out a piece so it is not a square anymore.

On this photo on google maps you can see the exact position. The fence is fed at the corner just below the trees.

So far it was a nice experiment. There is two experiments left actually. Measuring the noise difference between the inverted-V and the beverage on 160m which is especially important for our PA6AA contest group. Second is a receive comparisation on 80m. But I have to wait till I can do further experiments. When I finish those I will not continue since the antenna is not reliable. But at least I know the transformer and balun works well. So I can use them whenever I want to do a RX experiment.

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